First Friday Evening Pottery Class


Looking to do something different for a change? Ever play with clay? We offer single night projects on the first Friday evening of the month.

These classes are interesting and easy to do.


Wheel Throwing class

Using your creativity to make things is fun. Sessions are loosely structured and flexable. We start with a very short demonstration to show an example of how the project is built. The focus is " Hands On" so we move things right along. There are examples of different projects to choose from.

We use mid-fire materials which fire to the hardness of functional ware. The finished piece is dish washer and food safe.


Wheel Throwing class


A slabs are made out of raw clay using a slab roller.


Handbuilding group session

To handbuild a cup, a 5" x 10" slab is cut and decorated with stamps and sprigs. It is formed into a cylinder and the bottom and handle are added. Colored slips can be painted on to add color.


Handbuilding group session

To handbuild a bowl, a slab is pressed over a hump mold and decorated with stamps, sprigs and colored slips.


Handbuilding group session

Later, after it has a chance to dry, we bisque fire it, put glaze on it and fire it again to finish it up for you. It is ready for pick up in four - six weeks.


group pottery class kiln

First Friday Handbuilding Class

$35 each person (tax included)
Two people minimum.

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Advance registration required

Register by phone or Call for availability and register online

314 427 7773

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