Fused Glass Class

Deep, rich, bright, vibrant, colorful, any way you look at it, glass is beautiful. The fused glass classes at LampLight Studio provide an opportunity to bring this beauty into your life. Imagine the fun of creating a truly unique piece of glassware from your own design. Functional fused glass artware brings style and elegance into your home. Working with it, you can create handsome textures, radiant transparencies and graceful shapes.

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Fused Glass - Warm Glass - Kiln Formed Glass

These are three different names for the same thing, the heating of glass in a kiln to melt it. In this process, glass is cut or sometimes crushed and then fused (melted) together into a single piece. After it has cooled, it may be shaped by placing it over a mold in the kiln and slumping it. With an eye for color and a creative spirit, the possibilities are endless.


warm glass class

The studio space is clean and well lit. We have large tables to work on and plenty of shelf space to store your work on.



warm glass class


Learn to make fused glass jewelry, vases, plates, dishes and bowls and many other . These sessions are offered as an introduction for those interested in working in our glass studio. We cover the basics to get you started.


warm glass class

We have has a nice selection of molds.






kiln formed glass molds

Our Skutt GM22CS industrial model kiln with computerize Glass Master Controller is versatile enough to handle all of our needs.  A 4.5 cubic foot kiln with a twenty-inch shelf, it has a clamshell design and a viewing window.  This is a great kiln to do fusing, slumping, and casting for warm glass. As with all the equipment at LampLight Studio, we selected the Skutt because it is the best.

The studio has grinders, saws and a full arrangment of hand tools to get you started.


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Classes are run on an ongoing, rotating basis. You can start at any time as there are no start/end dates. You are free to skip dates if you need to. The class has two sessions. Students also have open studio access during regular studio hours.


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Spectrum 96 Warm Glass

We work in Spectrum and Uroboros System 96 glass because of the beauty of the color in this glass. We have a varied selection of glass for sell in up to 2' x 2' sheets.

The number "96" signifies the "coefficient of expansion" for this glass. Kiln formed glass requires that all of the glass which is melted together have the same rate of expansion and contraction when heated. Otherwise there is stress between the different glass when it cools


warm glass class

Fused Glass Two Sessions

Friday 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Each class makes a 6" Glass dish.

$75.00 (tax included)

Register by phone or online

314 427 7773

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