Handbuilding Pottery Class

Handbuilding pottery is creative fun. It is versitile because there are so many different shapes you can make with clay. Our handbuilding class is at an introductory level offering you many different projects to choose from.

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The studio space is clean and well lit. We have large tables to work on and plenty of shelf space to store your work on.

LampLight Studio is a fully equiped pottery studio. You will have access to the slab roller, two extruders with many dies, lots of molds, stamps and different tools for shaping your work.


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Designed to Your Interests

The process is easy, but can also be tricky. Moisture level of the clay plays an important role. Care must be given to attach the parts correctly. We focus on giving an understanding of the fundimentals required to make your piece successful. Our pottery classes are loosely structured and follow an open format. This is the simplest way to take into account the students interests. We usually start with slab building using one of our many of hump, slump or press molds. After we explain some of the possibilities, we open the direction up to the student and provide guidence along the way.Clay is a versitile medium to sculpt with. Handbuilding pottery includes many different techniques for manipulating the clay.


warm glass class

We work with mid-fire pottery using cone 6 white stoneware. We have a nice selection of food safe studio glazes to choose from.


warm glass class


Classes are run on an ongoing, rotating basis. You can start at any time as there are no start/end dates. You are free to skip dates if you need to. The class has six sessions, five on building and the last session on glazing. Students also have open studio access during regular studio hours. Class size is very small, usually just one or two people. You may want to do this with a friend.


warm glass class


Handbuilding Class Six Sessions

Friday 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

$230.00 includes 25# of clay and sales tax

Register by phone or online

314 427 7773

Friday Morning Hand Building



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Slab Built Vase



hump mold bowl

Hump mold bowl