Handcrafting Social Activities For Kids!


Children's Pottery Party

Put some extra fun into that special day this year.  Give them the pleasure of exploring their creativity as they experience the joy of making something unique with their own two hands.  Watch them take pride in bringing their friends into a real pottery studio.  Throw them a pottery art party at LampLight Studio!

raku firing kiln

We have many different projects to cover all levels of interest and abilities.   They are designed to be interesting to do and still simple enough to assure success.


warm glass class

Great for birthday parties, these are some of the same projects we do for our summer camp. Participants get to pick out a pottery project and are encouraged to “go for it” to push their creative limits.  


raku studio kiln

Pieces are created from raw slabs of clay using a slab roller.


raku studio kiln

Molds are used to shape the slabs. We start with a very short demonstration to show the basic tips and techniques of handbuilding with clay. The focus is " Hands On" so we move things right along. There are examples of the things we will be making.


raku pot

Next, the piece is painted with colored slip. After they dry, we glaze and fire them for you. They are ready for you pick up in about two weeks.

Studio time takes about an hour and a half.  Additional time is available for refreshments in the gallery if needed. Bring your own refreshments.


raku cleaning party


Children's Art Party

LampLight Studio is a great place to have an art party.

Sessions last approximately 2 hours. Pieces are ready in about two weeks.

Six people minimum. $25 per person (tax included)

Advance registration and $150 deposit required.

Additional participants billed at time of event.

Register by phone or Call for availability and register online

314 427 7773




 raku firing kiln


.There is no doubt childhood artwork is raw and usually aesthetically suspect.   That doesn’t matter because it is intrinsically beautiful.That odd little lump of clay has built something far more important that a crooked pot. That is why these projects will sit on shelves, in drawers and closets for many years to come.  They recall and come to symbolize your little person’s introduction to working with their hands, using tools and most importantly, the awaking of their creativity.