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handmade glass dish


Making an Art Glass Dish

Sessions are loosely structured and flexable. We start with a very short demonstration to show how to use the glass cutting tools. The focus is " Hands On" so we move things right along. There are examples of different ways the piece can be created.

The project is fired in a kiln at a later time. The process involves firing the glass twice. Once into a flat square and then slumped into a mold to make the dish.

art glass class

For this project, we make 6" square dishes using pieces of different colored glass. It is very simple to do.


Wheel Throwing class



You start with a precut, six inch square for a base. This will be the bottom side of the dish. There are several colors to choose from.

Then the fun begins as you start cutting and piecing together the top side of the dish. These are selected from many different colors of glass as you arrange them on the bottom square. The work can be as tight or as loose as you like. In the end it will melt together no matter what, making a beautiful dish.

The technique is called "fused glass" sometimes "warm glass" or "kiln formed glass"


warm glass class

The process is really simple. Since the glass is melted together, the work does not have to be that exact. This makes it a relaxing, enjoyable activity and a lot of creative fun.


warm glass class

Color is the key. We have a wide selection of glass to work from.

The finished piece is like none other. The finished hand built dish is truly one of a kind.

warm glass class


Glass craft party

Our glass studio is nice and clean with good lighing and big tables to work on.




Fused Glass Group Session

Working with others in a quiet setting invites friendly conversation. It opens up the opportunity to talk to others and share different viewpoints.

Six inch square dishes

Sessions last approximately 2 hours. Pieces are ready in about 2 weeks.

Six people minimum. $25 per person (tax included)

Advance registration and $150 deposit required.

Additional participants billed at time of event.

Register by phone or Call for availability and register online

314 427 7773


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