Handcrafting Social Activities


Simple Handbuilding

Sessions are loosely structured and flexable. We start with a very short demonstration to show the basic tips and techniques of handbuilding with clay. The focus is " Hands On" so we move things right along. There are examples of the things we will be making.

We offer two different types of hand building sessions: low fire and mid fire.

Wheel Throwing class

Low-Fire Handbuilding

This session has an open format. It is loosely structured to focus on individual creativity. We use low fire clay and materials for this class.

$25 pp (tax included) more info


Wheel Throwing class

Mid-Fire Handbuilding

This session is structured with everyone working on a similar project. We use mid fire clay and materials which fire to the level of functional ware.

$35 pp (tax included) more info


Handbuilding group session


The Gallery at LampLight Studio is also available for your social gathering. It makes a lovely space to relax and enjoy refreshments if you wish to bring them.



social event in art gallery


Group Handbuilding Session

Working with others in a quiet setting invites friendly conversation. It opens up the opportunity to talk to others and share different viewpoints. Sessions last approximately 2 hours. Advance registration required. Eight people minimum

Register by phone or Call for availability and register online

314 427 7773