Handcrafting Social Activities


Raku Firing Pottery

Raku is a special atmospheric firing process. It fires fast and low and uses smoke for effect. Raku is fun because you actually get to see the pottery firing while you are here.

art glass class

We start by hand glazing specially made slip cast bisque ware. It is the glazes of this process that create the magic. We give a quick demonstration to explain how different techniques will effect the finish


warm glass class


The firing is done outside and takes about 40 minutes. It is interesting to peek into the red hot kiln and watch as the glaze bubbles and melts. At 1800 degrees, it starts to get shiny.


warm glass class

At that point, the pieces are removed using tongs, placed into paper lined metal cans and sealed with a lid. This causes a chemical reduction process in the glaze, making the copper come out and leaving black areas in the finish. Some of the glazes have copper which gives the finish a metalic effect.


warm glass class

After the pieces cool, we take them inside to wash them off and they are ready to go home with you.


warm glass class

We have a nice selection of 7" - 9" vases and jars to choose from. Please realize Raku is a low fire process so it is considered non functional decorative ware. This means it is not food safe and will not hold water.


Wheel Throwing class

The Gallery at LampLight Studio is also available for your social gathering. It makes a lovely space to relax and enjoy refreshments if you wish to bring them.


social event in art gallery


Group Raku Session

Working with others in a quiet setting invites friendly conversation. It opens up the opportunity to talk to others and share different viewpoints.

Sessions last approximately 2 hours. Pieces are finished in session.

Six people minimum. $35 per person (tax included)

Advance registration and $210 deposit required.

Additional participants billed at time of event.

Register by phone or Call for availability and register online

314 427 7773