LampLight Studio Kilns





We have seven different kilns covering oxidation, reduction, raku, soda and glass. Four of the seven are computerized.

This includes an 18 cf Geil gas kiln, a 9 cf L&L Electric Kiln, a 6 cf Paragon electric and a Skutt Glassmaster. For atmospheric firing, we have a small soda kiln and a Laguna Raku kiln.

st louis pottery kiln room



The computer controls of our Geil gas kiln will allow us to get consistent results on our reduction firing.  The Geil kiln has two different PXG-4 computerized controllers, the Process Temperature Controller and the Auto-Damper Controller. The first controls the amount of gas and the second opens and closes the damper. The temperature controller uses a pyrometer and the Auto-Damper atmospheric control uses an oxygen probe.


st louis pottery kiln room


These programmable controllers get input from a personal computer in which the ramp/soak cycles are entered. In addition to temperature, the ramp/soak cycles include the atmospheric settings. The computer program also logs the actual firing stats for review. Since the amount of gas and the amount of opening in the damper effect both the level of reduction and the temperature, this computerized firing process creates a dance between the two controllers. They both react to meet the ramp / soak / atmosphere requirements.


warm glass class