Pottery Open Studio


LampLight Studio provides an opportunity for artisans and fine craft enthusiasts to work together in one of the finest open studios in the St. Louis area. Working together allows us to share the ideas and techniques that help us grow as artists.

Members are an important part of our pottery studio. As artists, we understand the focus and concentration required in creative work.  We give attention to good workflow in a shared environment.  This means easy access to the equipment and plenty of elbowroom to use it.  There is good shelf space and great sinks for cleanup. We like to keep it clean and orderly as much as possible.

saint louis pottery glaze room


pottery wheel ceramic studio

 We have easy access to good sinks, large work tables, and plenty of shelving for your work.  Ten CXC Brent pottery wheels, a Northstar slab roller, Peter Pugger Pug Mill/Mixer, Super Duper Extruder with extention box, hand extruder with many dies, and a Giffin Grip for trimming. Since this is also the personal studio of the artist/owner there are many specialized clay shaping tools and objects to work with.

The studio space is clean and well lit. Large windows provide natural light.

Our glaze room has a selection of studio glazes based on the book "Mastering Cone Six Glazes" by Hesselberth & Roy. These glazes were developed for durability, fit and aesthetics. We also use Val Cushing's Handbook for general reference and additonal mid range glazes.

Most of our cone ten glazes come from John Britt's book "The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes". 



saint louis pottery glaze room

We have seven different kilns covering oxidation, reduction, raku, soda and glass. Four of the seven are computerized.

This includes an 18 cf Geil gas kiln, a 9 cf L&L Electric Kiln, a 6 cf Paragon electric and a Skutt Glassmaster. For atmospheric firing, we have a small soda kiln and a Laguna Raku kiln. (more info)

st louis pottery kiln room


LampLight Studio is a ceramic arts center focused on clay and warm glass. We are an open studio located near St. Louis open to the public for classes and craft projects.

Be safe, be clean, be courteous.

Please feel free to stop by and check us out.

Note: We don't allow use of red earthenware clay in the studio.














Pottery Open Studio

$125.00 per month (includes tax) Up to three days a week.

$155.00 per month (includes tax) Four or more days a week.

$28.00 per 25 lb clay (includes tax)

Firing fees are included in the price of the clay.

Register by phone or online

314 427 7773




Studio Assistant


LampLight Studio is looking for artists to join us as associates in our ceramic arts center. This is a barter arrangement in which we offer studio access in exchange for help with operations. Commission based income also possible. The position is flexible and open to discussion. Please call or stop by for more information. 
314 427 7773